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CornellBlackburn86 8 분 전
Honor Roll | Cancer | Digestive Disorders | Ear, Nose & Throat | Endocrinology | Gynecology | Heart and Heart Surgery | Kidney Disease | Neurology and Neurosurgery | Ophthalmology | Orthopedics | Pediatrics | Psychiatry | Rehabilitation | Respiratory Disorders | Rheumatology | Urology

Honor Roll

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

3. Cleveland Clinic


1. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York

2. University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Digestive Disorders

1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

2. Cleveland Clinic

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Ear, Nose & Throat

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

2. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City

3. Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston


1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

2. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore


1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

2. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

3. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Heart and Heart Surgery

1. Cleveland Clinic

2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 장흥출장안마 Minn.

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

Kidney Disease

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

3. Cleveland Clinic

Neurology and Neurosurgery

1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

2. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

3. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston


1. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami

2. Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

3. Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia


1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

2. Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

3. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston


1. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

2. Children's Hospital Boston

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore


1. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

2. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

3. New York-Presbyterian Univ. Hosp. of Columbia and Cornell


1. Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

2. Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, West Orange, N.J.

3. University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle

Respiratory Disorders

1. National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver

2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore


1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

3. Hospital for Special Surgery, New York


1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

2. Cleveland Clinic

3. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

U.S. News & World Report
JohnnieZadow486 8 분 전
"Lee Daniels' The Butler" is serving up success at the box office.

Starring Forest Whitaker as a longtime White House butler and Oprah Winfrey as his boozy wife, the Weinstein Co. biopic debuted in the top spot with $25 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. But the weekend's three other major new releases, including the action romp "Kick-Ass 2," failed to find traction with fans.

"We expected to do well, but we didn't expect to do this well," said Erik Lomis, president of distribution and home entertainment for Weinstein Co., adding that "The Butler" is the company's first No. 1 debut since 2009's "Inglourious Basterds."

Even with a full slate of newcomers, last week's top movies claimed the second and 청도출장안마 third spots in the box-office race. The Jason Sudeikis-Jennifer Aniston Warner Bros. comedy, "We're the Millers," held onto second place in its second week of release with $17.78 million, while last week's No. 1, Sony's "Elysium," dropped to third with $13.6 million.

"It was tough if you were any other film opening other than 'The Butler,'" said Paul Dergarabedian of box-office tracker Hollywood.com.

"Kick-Ass 2," Universal's tale of everyday teenagers who dress up as superhero crime-fighters, opened in fourth place with $13.56 million. Open Road's Steve Jobs biopic, "Jobs," debuted in seventh place with $6.7 million. And Relativity's "Paranoia," which stars Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Liam Hemsworth, didn't crack the top 12.

"Maybe it should have been Oprah Winfrey's 'Jobs,'" Dergarabedian said. "It would have had a better shot."

Apart from Winfrey's unmatched marketing power, "The Butler" also marked the mogul's return to the big screen for the first time since 1998's "Beloved."

"She was a significant factor" in the film's success this weekend, Lomis said. "Her publicity machine really kicked into high gear, and the entire cast, Lee Daniels and Forest Whitaker, they delivered a quality film and a great campaign."

The summer typically belongs to superheroes and big-action fare, which is why Weinstein chose to release "The Butler" now.

"It's different from pretty much everything else in the marketplace," Lomis said. "That really seemed to help."

But the power of Oprah cannot be underestimated.

"It's stronger than anything else," Dergarabedian said. "An Oprah Winfrey endorsement virtually guarantees you a hit."

Winfrey recently talked about her future acting plans with CBSNews.com. When asked whether she plans to take on more acting roles, Winfrey said, "I don't know if I will or not, only if it's something meaningful for me."
LottieAtkins2632 8 분 전
Listing of Nigerian newspapers, information sites, news businesses, in addition to top radio and TELEVISION stations. The Central Financial institution of Nigeria (CBN) has famous with severe concern the growing complaints by the purchasers and most people on ATM transactions and the lack of banks to resolve them inside a reasonable time-frame. With a purpose to sustain public confidence within the Nigerian Payment System, the CBN has directed that henceforth all complaints on card transactions needs to be treated and responded to within 72 hours of receipt of the complaints by banks. Click here for more.

ExxonMobil is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for power and to energy the world responsibly. With a workforce of more than 70,000 workers, our profession-oriented strategy to developing an distinctive workforce contains recruiting outstanding expertise and supporting long-term professional growth. Every considered one of our workers is empowered to assume independently, take initiative and be innovative.

The Friday assembly was attended by the Nationwide Chairman of the get together, Prince Uche Secondus; President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki; a former Governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwanso; a former Governor of Cross River State, Senator Liyel Imoke and a former Nationwide Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Kawu Baraje.

Discussing this difficulty with four top female journalists, what emerged was that profitable women are likely to wish to remain mainstream and to avoid involvement in spheres that may cause them to be branded. So, they shun women's affairs and organizations.

However there are occasional sparks. In its October thirteen edition, This Day newspaper devoted two-thirds of the back web page to a flattering column on Justice Rose Ukeje, the primary female chief choose of the Federal High Court docket and the highest judicial appointment for a feminine in Nigeria's historical past. Some journalists point to the column as indicative of the standard protection mainstream papers want to provide ladies, but it may also be argued that it's reflective of the elitism that guidelines information judgment in our newsrooms. What number of Justice Ukejes are there in Nigeria? For each triumphal story of an Ukeje, there are thousands of her compatriots engaged in endless struggles in a harsh financial and social atmosphere. Their struggles and triumphs are a part of the social landscape, which ought to be reflected within the nationwide media.
Kian74A75449832610 8 분 전
An Australian teen's mother passed away this June, before she could attend the concert of one of her favorite singers: Pink. But, Pink made sure the teen's night was extra special -- just the way her mom would have wanted.

【봉화출장마사지】Ø7Øx7575xØØ77Leah Murphy from the city of Townsville, Australia, brought a sign reading "My name is Leah – I'm 14 years old. I lost my beautiful Mum last month. I would LOVE a hug … Please!" to the singer's concert in Brisbane on Monday

/>Katrina Donkin, 양구출장안마 who said she is the teen's cousin, but also is referred to as her aunt, made the sign hoping to get the star's attention. Donkin told CBS news she "spammed" the singer, her backup dancer and anyone she could think of on social media to get "a message of love to Leah

/>More in The Upli

/>But, nobody responded. So, she made one last attempt in real life by making the now famous sign. "We didn't think there was a chance but we held them up in hope she would see it," said Donkin. And due to the kindness of the crowd, the singer di

/>"Strangers in the crowd grabbed the signs and we waved them frantically whenever she looked over our way," recounts Donkin, "Until she squinted and said 'ok what IS that?

/>The crowd then passed the sign up to Pink. After she read it, the singer immediately came down from the stage to find Murph

/>Donkin said the star gave Murphy a long hug. "Pink said to her 'you're pretty -- oh don't cry -- it's going to be OK,'" recounted Donkin, "Leah told Pink how much her mum loved her

/>The teen and singer took selfies and other photos before she returned to the stage to finish out her show

/>While the moment didn't last forever, Donkin said the effects of it just might. "She is so heartbroken," Donkin said. "But since the concert, she hasn't stopped smiling and singing

/>Before Leah's mother Debbie Murphy died, she purchased tickets for Pink's show in Sydney, Australia and planned to go with a friend. Donkin told CBS News Debbie Murphy was a huge fan of the singe

/>"When Debbie had planned to go the the concert originally, she used to dance around with Leah in the loungeroom to Pink's music turned up loud," saied Donkin. "Debbie loved to dance more than anything

/>Sadly, Debbie died before she was able to make it to the show, so Leah was going to go in her place

/>Pink postponed the Sydney performance due to illness. So, Donkin bought another ticket to the show in Brisbane that she already planned to attend with a friend. Luckily, the singer was feeling better by then and was able to foster an incredible moment for her young fa

/>As for what Leah's mom would say about the amazing event? Donkin thinks she had a hand in it from above. "I believed she orchestrated the whole thing and sent her little girl a hug from heaven."
Alisia76Y04833720746 8 분 전
(CBS News) New allegations are once again fueling conspiracy theories in the death of Princess Diana. Investigators are looking at possible new information related to the Aug. 31, 1997 car crash that killed the royal.

New Princess Diana death information being checked by British policeNew Princess Diana death information being checked by British police

The latest theory, which has come to light courtesy of a nasty military divorce, suggests the crash that killed Diana may not have been an accident. Police at Scotland Yard are saying they're not reopening the case, but this is Diana and they're taking the allegation "seriously," CBS News' Mark Phillips reported on "CBS This Morning."

It may be the most investigated car cash in history, but police are looking at it again. The reason: a letter from a British soldier's family claiming that the British Army commando unit was involved in the death. The allegation comes in a letter to the police from the family of a woman involved in a divorce from a soldier, saying he made the claim to the scorned wife.

Scotland Yard issued a statement saying, "The Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility."

The deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed were investigated in exhaustive inquiries at least three times by both British and French authorities. The verdict is they died because their driver was drunk as he tried to speed away from chasing photographers. And Diana and al Fayed weren't wearing seat belts.

During the national outpouring of shock and grief that followed, conspiracy theories were as plentiful as tribute flowers. Mohamed al Fayed -- Dodi al Fayed's father -- insisted the couple were killed because the British establishment couldn't accept that Diana was going out with a foreigner, let alone a Muslim. But there was never any evidence to support that -- or any other allegation -- including this latest one.

Dai Davies, former head of royal protection with the Metropolitan Police Service said, "This should be kicked into the long grass like every other conspiratorial allegations. And I'm really saddened that yet again, two princes have to face yet another nonsensical allegation, and I'll bet anything I have that this is sheer nonsense."

There's been no comment from Princes William or Harry. In fact, Phillips reported, 양평출장안마 some people are suggesting that just the fact that Scotland Yard has commented on these allegations has given them a legitimacy they don't deserve.

Watch Mark Phillips' report above.
SharylMullens817 8 분 전
MORONI, Comoros -- An experimental malaria drug isn't the only gift China has given the small, Islamic island nation of the Comoros.

China was the first nation to recognize the Comoros after its independence in 1975, and Mohamed Soilih, director of the Comoros television station, says China has replaced France as its chief benefactor, "After 40 years, China has become the first partner. Before it was France, now it is China."

Locals describe the vast, gated Chinese Embassy compound in Moroni as "a town within a town." They say China invests in large projects that actually have a positive effect on the lives of everyday Comorans.

"People will applaud if you mention China, because they can see the investment," Soilih says. "The perception is that other governments help governments; China however, helps the people."

More in Changing China

America's most visible investment here, by contrast, is a small library of English language books.

"The United States' vision for foreign aid and investment is for one or two years. China thinks of the future in terms of centuries," Soilih says, "China has solutions for big problems."

Problems like regular power outages; China is building a new power plant.

Health centers across most of the Comoros consist of sparsely equipped, cement block rooms. China regularly sends teams of doctors to the country, and it's building a $12 million, modern, eight-story hospital.

The Chinese are paving roads, building new schools, new mosques, new government buildings, a new airport, a center to facilitate tourism to the country and even new homes -- for politicians.

Local TV and radio stations were designed and built by China, and four Chinese government-run television channels now pipe programming from Beijing directly into Comorans' homes.

Late last year, China announced a $2 million gift to the Comoros to build a new sports stadium.

They all amount to very visible reminders of the nation's benefactors about 6,000 miles away in Beijing.

But other aspects of China's influence are less visible here.

Local fishermen complained that Chinese fishing boats were depleting fish-stocks off the coast, a vital source of income for many Comorans. Journalists here tell us their government told them to stop reporting the story, at China's request.

Military leaders would not meet with CBS News, but the Comoros government says China is bringing large groups of Comoran soldiers to Beijing for military training and intensive Mandarin language training. They say within a few years, 장성출장안마 the entire Comoros army will be fluent in Chinese.

So why is powerhouse China so interested in this tiny, impoverished, politically unstable African nation?

A former American diplomat who was based in the region tells CBS News the islands lie along a key shipping route, and could also serve as a listening station to monitor satellite communications.

There are also potentially huge offshore energy reserves.

"I think China has their own goals here. I don't think a state has to give a gift like this," TV station director Soilih tells us. "Every nation, every state, every country has its own goals. Maybe we have something they need. Personally, I think it is about the possibility of our region, and our country, for petroleum and gas."

Soilih's suspicions may be well-founded. Stanislas Drochon, a research director for IHS Energy Insight, says there have been major gas reserves discovered just north in the waters of Mozambique, "so close to Comoros territory, there is the hope we can replicate in the Comoros what has been discovered in Mozambique."

The Comoros, like all of Africa, is also an increasingly important export market for Chinese goods.

Vice President Fouad Mhadji, who is also Health Minister, contrasts China's investment with the Comoros' former colonial ruler, France.

"The French were here for 200 years," he tells us. "What did they build? What did they leave us?"

Photos of the Great Wall, books by Chinese authors and framed calligraphy of Chinese scripture fill the walls of government leaders' offices here now.

They say that unlike France, China does not interfere with the internal politics of the Comoros.

Regardless of Beijing's motives, Mhadji welcomes the investment, insisting, "China tries to do all the best for us."

But it is an investment, not just a gift, and the leaders of the Comoros know their nation's fate is now tied directly to China's battle with other big countries to dominate the region.

"Next time America should not send reporters to find out who has died in our country. You [the U.S.] should give us medicine and build hospitals," Mhadji says, before adding with a wink, "so we won't be seduced by al Qaeda."
LeighEmmons10960 8 분 전
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - St. Louis Cardinals rookie outfielder Oscar Taveras was drunk at the time of his fatal car crash last month in his Caribbean homeland, an official in the Dominican Republic said Wednesday.

Tessie Sanchez, a spokeswoman for 계룡출장안마 the Dominican attorney general's office, told The Associated Press toxicology reports showed Taveras had a blood-alcohol level five times the country's legal limit when he lost control of his car Oct. 26 on a highway in the tourist region of Puerto Plata.

The 22-year-old Taveras was "legally intoxicated when he crashed," Sanchez said.

"Until we have the opportunity to review the official report, we cannot confirm details," Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak said in a statement.

"While we are still working to obtain the facts, it won't change the fact that this is a terrible tragedy. We have an obligation to use this as an opportunity to educate our players that they must take responsibility for themselves both on and off the field," he said.

Taveras hit .239 with three homers and 22 RBIs in 80 games this year. He homered against the Giants in his major league debut on May 31. He also had a big solo drive in the seventh inning of Game 2 in the NL Championship Series against San Francisco.

Taveras was a teenager when he signed with the Cardinals as an international free agent in 2008. Before this season, he was ranked the No. 3 overall prospect by MLB.com and Baseball America.

He was buried late last month in a cemetery near the Dominican Republic's north coast.

Taveras' 18-year-old girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo, was in his 2014 Chevy Camaro when it ran off the road. She also died.
AlbertaMckenna143730 8 분 전
Rocker John Mellencamp's two teenage sons face battery charges for allegedly punching and kicking a man during a fight that left the victim with serious facial injuries.

64839867_344416469583565_915115795832449On Thursday, prosecutors in Monroe County, Ind., charged 19-year-old Hud Mellencamp of Nashville, Ind., and 18-year-old Speck Mellencamp, of Bloomington, with one count each of battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

Ty A. Smith, 19, of Bloomington, Ind., faces the same charge in the early morning July 29 attack. The Herald-Times reports that Smith is the son of Indiana University baseball coach Tracy Smith and is a walk-on for IU's football team.

The Bloomington Police Department said in a statement late Thursday afternoon that investigators were trying to contact the Mellencamp brothers and Smith to make arrangements for 광명출장안마 them to surrender.

A probable cause affidavit states that Speck Mellencamp punched 19-year-old Alexander Bucy in the face on the porch of Bucy's Bloomington home because he thought Bucy had hit him earlier that evening at Bucy's house party. Hud Mellencamp and Smith joined in, and the trio allegedly "punched, kicked and stomped" Bucy, the document states.

When Bucy was able to get to his feet, Speck Mellencamp allegedly knocked him backward off the porch onto a sidewalk two to three feet below, where Speck Mellencamp punched Bucy until someone pulled him away. The Mellencamp brothers and Smith then allegedly ran from the scene.

Bucy suffered facial fractures and received stitches at a local hospital, according to the affidavit. It also says Bucy was referred to a plastic surgeon.

Speck Mellencamp told officers he had been at a party at Bucy's home earlier when two girls began fighting over him, and that a white male punched him as he tried to halt the girls' fight. Mellencamp said his assailant ran into the house.

He said he "was very upset about being punched" but soon left and went home, where he, his brother and Smith decided to return.

Hud and Speck Mellencamp are the sons of John Mellencamp -- whose hits include "Hurts So Good" and "Pink Houses" -- and his third wife, model Elaine Irwin. The couple divorced in 2011 after 19 years of marriage.

Watch video above to see Brooke Martin from CBS affiliate WISH speak with one of Bucy's friends who witnessed the alleged assault.
Christy95O8864054698 9 분 전
Connor knew where he'd heard the fast-food giant's catchy tune — on the Disney Channel during "The Wiggles," a show for 계룡출장안마 preschoolers.

>"He had absorbed that from watching TV," said Connor, whose study on food ads aimed at toddlers appears in the October issue of Pediatrics. "It would be a marketer's dream to know they were that successful."

>Messages for high-fat, high-sugar foods permeate programming for preschoolers on Nickelodeon, the study found. On the Disney Channel's shows for the youngest children and even on Public Broadcasting Service shows such as "Sesame Street," companies woo tots' loyalty by linking logos, licensed characters and slogans with fun and happiness.

>Disney and PBS promote themselves as ad-free, but fast-food companies dominated sponsor messages during programming for toddlers, Connor found, making up 82 percent of sponsor messages on PBS preschool programming and 36 percent of messages on Disney's toddler block of shows.

>The clown character Ronald McDonald appears with shows for toddlers on Disney and PBS. The cartoon mouse Chuck E. Cheese pops up alongside preschool programming on PBS.

>Connor, research manager of Cleveland's Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, said adults who haven't seen children's programs lately will be surprised by the findings.

>Advocates said the study adds to mounting evidence that food marketers are trying to hook the youngest children as lifelong customers. Promotions go both ways with TV characters from children's shows used on the packaging of sugary cereals, fruit-flavored snacks and other foods.

>Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced plans to study links between the ads, viewing habits and the rise of childhood obesity. For now, marketing of food to children is unregulated.

>Previous studies have found that kids as young as 3 who see TV ads are more likely to request and eat advertised foods high in fat, sodium and sugar. American children from infancy to age 6 watch an average of one hour of TV daily, and 8- to-18-year-olds watch an average of three hours daily. They see roughly 40,000 TV ads a year.

>"It's very concerning when childhood obesity is a major public health problem that preschool programs are still being sponsored by fast food restaurants and food that's not healthy for children," said Susan Linn of Harvard Medical School and a co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. She was not involved in the study.

>Diane Levin of Wheelock College, who is also a co-founder of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, criticized Disney and PBS for breaching viewers' trust. She supports limits on marketing of junk food to children too young to make critical judgments about advertising.

>"PBS has a special responsibility," said Levin, who was not involved in the study. With federal funding threatened, Levin said, PBS has searched for new revenue, including money from sponsors who want to reach children.

>PBS spokeswoman Lea Sloan said sponsors' messages don't interrupt programs and don't go longer than two minutes, 17 seconds per hour. PBS doesn't allow price information, product comparisons, depictions of children's products or superlative claims, Sloan said.

>"The content of these messages is either in support of public television or around learning, education and social development," Sloan said in an e-mail. "Licensed characters or mascots often reinforce a positive educational message and their appearance is limited to five seconds."

>Nickelodeon spokesman Dan Martinsen said the channel has reduced food ads during its "Nick Jr." block of programs for preschoolers by 20 percent in the last two years.

>Disney Channel spokeswoman Patti McTeague said sponsor messages are accepted "only when they are connected to a pro-social message."

>Chuck E. Cheese spokeswoman Brenda Holloway said the pizza restaurant chain's play areas promote physical activity, as do its ads.

>"Realistically, our research shows most children come to Chuck E. Cheese's to play and have fun," Holloway wrote in an e-mail. "We think that our PBS sponsorship announcements do promote physical activity and social interaction through play and learning, which we believe are appropriate messages for preschool-age children."

>McDonald's did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.
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